16 February 2019

{Images} Roland Barthes with his mother, Henriette, in the nineteen-twenties, and, right, in 1963.Photographs by (Left): Courtesy Michel Salzedo; (Right): Henri Cartier-Bresson / Magnum from A Cruel Country by Roland Barthes in the September 13, 2010 New Yorker.

For me the noise of Time is not sad: I love bells, clocks, watches — and I recall that at first photographic implements were related to techniques of cabinetmaking and the machinery of precision: cameras, in short, were clocks for seeing, and perhaps in me someone very old still hears in the photographic mechanism the living sound of the wood.  —Roland Barthes inCamera Lucida: Reflections on Photography.

Clocks For Seeing explores the chimes of meaning sounded in the arrangement of found family photographs.