23 February 2019

Polaroids, Richardson, TX

Chicago, IL

Big Bend, TX

Location Unknown

Richardson, TX

Richardson, TX

Edmond, OK

Recently, I discovered these Polaroids from the late 1970s in a box of family photos. During a conversation with my parents about the pictures, it became clear that many of the most compelling photographs were taken by my mom. The title L’JARC comes from the photograph in which the letters “LJARC” are arranged as pillow cushions on a sofa. This strange word is comprised of my immediate family members’ initials before I was born in 1980. Our family narrative has always been that my dad was the resident photographer, the one documenting important events and summer trips. It is a subtle difference, imagining my mom with the camera, but it has conspicuously shifted my perception of their life just before I was born when they were younger than I am now.

Images and text provided by Jason Reed.